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This is an Independent Distributor Site for Kyani from Bob & Carolyn Allen and Their Kyani Team
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Kyani Trial Packs

This is a great way to share the complete health-triangle pack at a low, low price for you. You may even want to have these on hand and sell them to your prospects who “just want to try the whole thing before committing.”  The DVD enclosed is an excellent introduction to the products, history and leaders.  Purchase from the back office of your Kyani.net site. 

4-7DayTrialsm150IN EACH PACKAGE:

21- Sunset Capsules
7- Sunrise 1 oz. Packets
1- Nitro FX .5 oz.
Company and Products DVD
7 Day Trial Informational Insert


Set of 4  7-Day Trial Packs = $80.00  QV: 20.00   CV 20.00

Set of 10  7-Day Packs = $150.00   QV: 20.00   CV 20.00


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